Welcome to the Sealed Archives.

Invited individuals are allowed to view the archived records of Time'Lord Assistant Maxina Storibrook’s Patreon posts.

Submit a membership request; Assistant Storibrook or one of the Ecalauna will review your request and cross-reference it with their database. Already a member? Select “Floor List” from the top menu to begin exploring the Sealed Archives!

Your Patreon Tier will determine your level of access to the Sealed Archives. Please note that floors available to a lower tier than you are also available for you to view. Please visit Patreon to gain the access code for the selected timeframe. Make sure to check the Patreon page often; access code resets are random and can happen at any time. Floor -1 is the only floor without a password; all you need is a membership on the site.

If you are not pledged on Assistant Storibrook’s Patreon page, you will not be granted access to the Sealed Archives. There are no exceptions.

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Patron Tiers and Corresponding Floor Levels:

  • Tier 1 ( $1 / mo )     |   Floor -1

  • Tier 2 ( $3 / mo )    |   Floor -2

  • Tier 3 ( $5 / mo )    |   Floor -3

  • Tier 4 ( $15 / mo )  |   Floor -4

  • Tier 5 ( $30 / mo )  |   Floor -5

  • Tier 6 ( $50 / mo ) |   Floor -6

Contents of the Floors:

  • Floor -1      Discussion Post Archive

  • Floor -2     Short Stories Archive

  • Floor -3     Deleted Scenes Archive

  • Floor -4    Artwork Archive

  • Floor -5     Q&A Archive

  • Floor -6    Top Secret Projects

A quick note about all content on this website:

All content is subject to change. This includes, but is not limited to, character names, side stories, deleted scene text, character profiles, discussion posts, project list, the wording of answers and questions, and the information on this page.

Subject matter and content is the intellectual property of Maxina Storibrook and shall be treated as such. Access to this content does not grant the reader any portion of the story; it is placed on this website for the enjoyment and convenience of readers.

All people, places, items, events, etc. are purely fictional and a result of Maxina Storibrook’s imagination; any resemblance to actual events, people, locations, etc. are purely coincidental. References to actual historical events, people, myths, etc. are used in a fictitious manner.

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